Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Preparation at VU University

The Aveiro part of the Portugal field course is about to start. This is the part where the students have to demonstrate what they have learned over the past year, including earlier field courses in Twente (NP) and in the Algarve. For Linda, Michel and me it has been a period of frantically collecting and testing instruments, which are normally stored in the basement of our university, and finally loading everything in our van. I am pretty sure that we haven't forgotten enything, mainly thanks to Linda's and Michel's throrough checking

Today we departed from Amsterdam in the morning and we are now in Chatellerault, France, resting from the many hours of driving. Tomorrow we'll continue our trip and hope to arrive in Salamanca, Spain. We would then arrive in Aveiro on Sunday and we'll meet the students there and start our field course on Tuesday.

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