Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tremendous amounts of fun

The Fieldwork shows real dedication to science!
DiscoDisco, discordance, discoballs. The terrameter is rupsig (not possible to translate), guys in the field with the terrameter: Electrify the bitch! At the end of the day Julian has our darling (the terrameter) on his lap. well well watertight!! Nerd on board, como una racketa & the tubo de sol. All the guys in the cellar and in the racemonster. Everybody is driving... Do the stuifzand. Search the piezometer (measuring tube) for 2 hours before fallen over it. Your carefully placed totalizer is ploughed to pieces. Looking for a ppa (Personal Portugese Assistant) and avoiding a pdn (personal digital nightmare). Put the radio on CidadeFM. And in the weekend go to the pleasureparc.
All this with tremendous amounts of nutrients!

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