Monday, June 6, 2011

Waiting for the rain to come

All the instruments are in the field now, at least our Ford van is empty. This year the students seem to have a "tremendous go", no time for coffee, they want to have it all.
The only thing that is missing until now is water, the "rios" are at a very low level (tremendously low some would say) and everybody is waiting for the rain to come. We spotted some thunderstorms but they did not provide any rain so far.
No worries, dry periods are even more interesting for hydrologists, we like the extremes, we need these in order to predict the effects of climate change.

We already met some of our Portuguese friends, especially Mario and Carolina in Montouro (no centro do mundo). Their bar is the place to be in the centre of this small town and they make us really feel at home (thank you!). This is were we meet the students in the field for instruction and discussions.

Next weekend we will join Carlos Gangreio (University of Aveiro) in his investigations in lake Pateira, we will meassure the earth resistivities down to a depth of 70 meter with an underwater cable of 400 m. When this works, we shall show the results and keep you updated.


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